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We work with the newest Technologies that are available on the market. We are able to adjust to any kind of requirement quick and have worked with so many different technologies and features.


Our solutions are known for a maximum of Usability. Design is very important, therefor we have some of the best designers in our team who cant wait to work on your requirements.


We are familiar with both, developing and founding companies. So we know what is required on the market in order to achieve specific goals. Working with us means, expecting us to tell you if something is a shit idea.

Some of Our Many App Projects

iOS App Development

We from the applaunch.io team design and develop appealing, stable and scalable apps for iPhone and iPad. Our focus is on a functional design, a good user experience and a high-performance code structure.

  • Native iOS apps developed on SWIFT or Objective C
  • Agile approach with wireframes and prototyping
  • Strictly based on design guidelines from Apple
  • Scalable and Secure
  • API and Middleware
  • Location Specific Apps, Real Estate Apps, In App Purchase, Food Delivery Apps, Keyboard Apps, Apps based on OCR, Enterprise Apps, Apps for Logistics, Real time Notifications.

Android App Development

We offer tailor-made apps for Android-based devices such as smartphones and tablets. We offer every customer, whether company or private individual the opportunity to extend their reach to a highly competitive market with more than a billion active users.

  • Native Android Apps developed on the latest tech stack to be compatible with all Android devices.
  • Agile approach with wireframes and prototyping
  • Build on Cloud – AWS and Azure Partner
  • Use cases based testing approach with 100 % UAT
  • Material Design Guidelines from Google
  • Location Specific Apps, Tinder style card Apps, Marketplace apps, Uber Style apps, Apps with Payment System, Audio Recognition Apps, Medical Apps, Apps for IOT devices, Productivity Apps, Enterprise Apps

Web Development

In the area of web development we offer everything about the topics homepage creation, changes, extensions, app connection and ERP system development. We also offer the Wireframes and the designs to ensure the optimal usability for your solutions.

  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Mobile-Friendly Website Development
  • Startup Software Development
  • Enterprise Apps and Web solutions
  • Cloud based Solutions
  • Omni channel Commerce portals, Big Data and Analytics, E Learning, Business Process Automation, Social Networking

Virtual Reality

In the area of virtual reality, there are currently no limits to creativity. Here I am working with the latest technologies to make your project intelligent and attractive for the user.

  • Application development on WebVR and Unity 3D’
  • OpenCV, Markerless Detection and Processing, Facial and Gesture recognition.
  • Solutions integrated with Cognitive learning for better user experience
  • Pattern recognition, Product Identifications, VR Catalogues, Artificial Simulations and Training products for companies and Universities.

Artificial Intelligence

We at applaunch have been offering the development of solutions with artificial intelligence for about two years. The projects we receive are so varied and exciting and demand our entire abilities.

  • Integration and Product Development for enterprises and Startups
  • Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforced Learning
  • Clustering and Regression Model Approach
  • OCR, Data Analysis, E Learning, Digital Advertisements, Predictive Analytics, Speech Recognition Apps,
  • Apache MXNet, Caffe2,Google Tensor Flow, IBM Watson and Azure

Hybride App Development

From initial drawings on paper to high-resolution retina designs. We design competitive designs with the Killer User Experience.

  • Cross Platform Apps
  • Apps based on React Native, Ionic, Angular UI or Xamarin
  • Single Source code for a fast and easy deployment
  • Enriched User Experience with best of Native and HTML5
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Hybrid apps with Backend and CMS, Health And Fitness Applications, Education Apps, E-Learning Apps and Enterprise Products, Lifestyle Applications, Scalable - Ecommerce Solutions, Social Networking Apps
Hybride App Development

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Meet our Team
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André Hoffendahl

CEO / Founder

"To be or not to be, this is my awesome motto!"


Team Member since 2013

Deepak Malhan


"To be or not to be, this is my awesome motto!"


Team Member since 2015

Dominik Hoffendahl

Lead Architect

"To be or not to be, this is my awesome motto!"


Team Member since 2013

Julius Sigel

Project Manager

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Team Member since 2015


Customer Happiness

"To be or not to be, this is my awesome motto!"


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Our portfolio gives you an overview of what we are able to realise and what we have realised so far. In case you cannot find your requirments here, get in touch with us and we will find the right example to show you how it can be done. Generally we realise a lot of projects in Areas like Business, Events, Social Media, Social Networks, Games, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Messenger, Social Lifestyle, Food, Entertainment, Education, Travel, Music, ....

How you think about us
Together we realise your project

The applaunch team helped us save a lost app and developed a completely new and better app with an additional admin dashboard.
Whatsup - Android & iOS App
The team of applaunch helped me to put my simple idea into a marketable app. I am glad that I have taken this step and daily see my user base growing.
I have been working with applaunch for about 1 year and can only recommend the team. applaunch is not only a competent and fair development team, but also a great sparring partner in the field of UX Design.
UXA Foodsharing- App

About Us

Digital Innovation Company

About Us

1) We are a Full stack Creative and Innovative Agency. Right from mobile application development, web application development, UI/UX to digital marketing, Applaunch provides a one-stop solution for all your digital needs. Our typical client profile includes Fortune 500s, funded start-ups and street-smart entrepreneurs. We are passionate about creating quality product experiences that combines technology, user experience and design.

2) Meet our Team

HONESTY, HARD WORK, AND TRUST. We are a family of the best minds in the country working hard to help our clients in translating their vision to reality. Our team thoroughly listens, carefully understands and meticulously produces. The seamless integration of our values makes us an empathic partner for our clients. The experience is always nonpareil.

We follow a three step approach to make it super easy for you, because we believe that you should focus on growing your business and nothing else. We are there for you to take of the technology

Three Step Approach

Step1 - Requirements and Budget Share your requirements with us and we will get back to you with the Proposal in next two Hrs. Our proposal will include all details that you require to make the decision from Commercials, Milestones and Delivery Schedule to Product development Road Map.

Step2 – Design and Development Using a Rapid Agile™ development model, we’ve combined the most efficient elements of Lean, Kanban, SCRUM and Extreme programming best practices and blended them together with a rapid and intense requirements-gathering process – all executed within a disciplined, data-driven framework that’s flexible, transparent and inclusive for all our clients.

Step 3 – Delivery and Maintenance We at Applaunch believe that our growth is directly proportional to success of the product that we developed for our clients. We are strongly of the opinion that just delivering the product will not solve the problem for our clients as there are many challenges that companies encounter for ex – Product Maintenance, Constant Changes in the product based on the user’s feedback, IT Infrastructure Maintenance, Growth Hacking and Scale. We provide Support and Consultation at No Additional Cost.

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