Augmented reality in simple terms would be defined as technology that would create a computer generated image in such a fashion that the user would be able to visualize it in the real world. A physical environment is built using audio, video, graphics and GPS data in an attempt to transform the user’s view of reality, replacing the real world with a simulated one.
Some of the biggest tech firms in the world such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft are vouching for their win in the battle for Augmented Reality. Each of these tech giants are working towards being at the top of their game. Here are the top 5 reasons as to why augmented reality is the need of the hour;

1. The Apple AR Kit
In June 2017, at the apple developer’s conference Apple played its winning stroke with the release of the Apple AR Kit. With this development the Augmented Reality developers would have the option to combine digital experiences into the physical world. This Apple product works perfectly fine with iOS 11.

2. Facebook Incorporating Augmented Reality
Social media platforms such as Facebook are working towards incorporating augmented reality into their platforms. Facebook is working on AR smart glasses to harness the power of Augmented Reality into its platform. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, has referred to Augmented Reality as the next computing platform.

3. The future of marketing will go through a huge change.
Augmented Reality is viewed as a terrific innovative and a creative way of connecting with clients and consumers. Advertising firms are tapping into the space of augment reality to better up the way they communicate a thought to the clients. With augmented reality in play, three-dimensional ads are now a reality.

4. Augmented reality is now becoming a go-to for every firm
As per a reliable survey,  the number of online users in the field of augmented reality has increased tremendously. With even gaming companies using this technology, the scope of augmented reality is beyond imagination.

5. Famous applications using augmented reality
Most apps nowadays are using the technology of augmented reality to create gaming and lifestyle apps. Here are some of the applications that have used augmented reality;
• Pokémon Go; This augmented reality app, became a viral sensation with kids all over the world. It uses GPS to locate the users presence and then guides the gamer towards a particular pokemon ( the cartoon character)
• Ink Hunter; This augmented reality app, became a craze with all the tattoo lovers around the world. It would help them deciding which app would look better on them and on which body part would it suite them the best.
• Flirtar; Known as one of the earliest dating apps built on the technology of augmented reality. Like most dating apps nowadays it allows you to view your date’s profile and build a conversation with them. You would need to scan the location you are in and connect with other Flirtar users.
• Google Translate; it is partially accepted as an AR app that has a splendid purpose in translating texts from any given language to any other language.

Apple’s latest iPhones have vouched for a much awaited feature – all the users would be able to discover the world of augmented reality through their phones. The latest camera of the device and the A11 Bionic chip will be used for the AR processing.