The app development market is booming there are several mobile app development trends redefining the digital landscape. With over 250 billion apps being downloaded in just the last year, 2018 seems extremely bright for the mobile app development market. App development no longer is a fancy process that a business decides to go through, but a necessity in the entrepreneurial world. The latest trends in 2018 are helping entrepreneurs take their business to all new heights. We have listed out some of the latest mobile app development trends that will bridge the gap between your business and the future goals.

  1.  Android Instant Apps
    These apps work like websites and the ease of their use draws more and more people towards their popularity. With the process of installation being eliminated all barriers are removed between app and website. The Android Instant Apps operate on all Android versions and are really easy to share.
  2. AI in App Development
    Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs), IoT, Cyber Security – every technology sector will be using Artificial Intelligence capabilities. As per a reliable report, International Data Corporation (IDC), the AI market will experience an economical growth that would be around $47 billion in 2020.

  3.  Blockchain
    Blockchain, is the new technology that is now the latest talk of the town. This is a shared, unchangeable record for keeping an account of the company’s information listed as blocks- be it the history of transactions or bitcoins. This information cannot be altered without changing every block and the collusion of the network. With block chain taking over, the probability of data tampering is completely eliminated, hence creating a more secure environment.

  4. AR and VR
    If Virtual reality is what the world needs right now, augmented reality is the bonus we are only glad to get. Reliable sources predict, that by 2020, this industry would earn a revenue close to $150 billion. This gives a huge scope to not only the gaming sector but nearly every other sector of the world. In fact, Amazon Go is already using AR and VR to break through the retail sector.

  5. Cloud Technologies
    If you want your mobile apps, to stand out among the millions other in the market, integrating it with cloud technology during development is a must-make move. From streamlining operations to reduction in hosting and equipment charges and from increased in collaboration to increased productivity, this technology has way too many benefits. In an attempt to make sure that your app works perfectly across multiple platforms, turning to Cloud technology would be just the right move.

  6. Cyber Security
    Cyber Security is the next big thing in the technological market, be it in the space of Internet of Things (IoT) or mobile apps. The biggest example of this technology in use is the change of Apple’s coding language from Objective C to Swift. This shift is a gentle reminder to all developers and designers to integrate IT security in their app.

  7. Predictive Analysis
    Data Analytics is already an integral part among the biggest tech firms of the world like, Facebook, Apple, Google and IBM. The software they use is within Artificial Intelligence, since it would help them prepare a rough prediction of the future of the business. This would be done by calculating the relationship between the existing data and the marketing results.

  8. Business Bots
    The adaptation of bots has transformed from a dream to a fierce reality. With over 2 billion apps play store and Apple app store, there are very few apps that have integrated bots in them. However, with 2018 in play, bots are soon going to be the most integral part of any business.

  9. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
    Google’s collaboration with Twitter – AMP is another version of HTML which was built with an aim to increase the speed of mobile pages. This in turn prompts designers to create spectacular websites and apps which are user friendly, have a low bounce rate and high performance. One of the biggest search engines of the world, Google has officially integrated AMP listings into its mobile search results.With 2018 being in full bloom, there are tons of innovations that gear up to break through the market. There are only two ways to be on top of your game, you either invent a new invention or make full use of one of the above listed trends of mobile app development strategies. For more information on mobile app and web development, please reach out to us, we would be glad to hear you out.