With Android Oreo hitting the market, new mobile OEMs are building the mobile ecosystem at a lightning pace. Thus multiplying the complexity of mobile app development.

There are various tools used for mobile app development on this blog. However, before we dive into this topic directly, let’s understand what exactly is an android framework? A framework is used to increase the performance of the application, which in-turn helps developers create the application a lot faster. Here are the top 5 android frameworks which are the most popular in the android market.

  1. Basic4Android (B4A) Established by a company named ‚Anywhere Software‘, the Basic4Android framework provides developers with an effective development environment (IDE). The language used in this framework is a modified version of Visual Basic which makes it possible to create native Android apps. From games, contacts, navigation, gps, sms, http, widgets, basic4Android gives you the freedom to create all the real APK files. Why should you use Basic4Android?

    • It encompasses all the tools needed during the development of full-fledged apps.
    • Complied apps are turned into native applications by BasicAndroid.
    • Over 100,000 developers are using this framework.

    Retrofit 2

    Retrofit 2 framework enables an opportunity to work with API’s in client-server applications. This android framework also has a feature to work on in asynchronous mode.

    Why should you use Retrofit 2?

    • It shortens the length of the codes and it quickens the development.
    • The requests are built dynamically.
    • All JSON files are converted to objects.
    • All the errors are processed by the frameworks.


    Stripe is one of the most popular payment framework. This framework reduces the workload on the mobile app developers by at least helping them to do so. The framework does that work for the android app developers, converting them into tokens later. The android app receives the tokens and sends them to the server to process the payment.

    Why should you use Stripe?

    • Easy to integrate
    • Very secure
    • The tractions commission is low.
    • The sign-up process is quick and requires minimum information.


    With C ++ being the backbone of the realm framework, it is directly on the device without interpretation. This high-performance framework is quick and easy-to-use for mobile developers around the world. The android app developers wants some code to implement the task at hand, irrespective of whether it reads or writes on the database.

    Why use Realm?

    • Easy installation
    • Responds quickly
    • Scalable
    • Reliable
    • Free open source.


    ReactiveX is one of the most popular frameworks used by mobile app developers to tackle problems that are inherent to functional programming. Observer and iterator patterns that help build a software with fabulous front and back end parts.

    Why use ReactiveX?

    • Easy-to-understand;
    • extensive;
    • declarative;

    With all these frameworks being listed, if you are in two minds about the implementation of your software, please reach out to us. Our Android app development team would gladly help you build a bridge between you and your Android app idea.